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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I'm a grade 11 student at Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute, and scientific pursuit is one of my greatest passions. I have always enjoyed science and its nature of providing understanding and solutions to many of the problems in our world. So of course I chose to put my scientific abilities to use when I found out in my AP psychology class the enormity of the impact Alzheimer's Disease has on Canadian society. Aside from my time spent doing research I also enjoy sports and volunteering. When I'm not in the lab you can find me playing badminton on my school's senior team or volunteering in my local community through YVP Saskatoon and the PAAL program.

Swarna Emayavaramban

Amyloid Beta (Aβ) Oriented Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
City:Saskatoon, SK
School:Evan Hardy Collegiate
Abstract:The current focus on treating Alzheimer's disease (AD) is around vaccines for Aβ removal without understanding its biological context. My project aims to go beyond Aβ removal by trying to understand the function of Aβ in the brain, and determine whether to increase or decrease its levels or modify its function in order to treat AD by stopping the progression of the disease.