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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I'm Lily Preikschat, a 13 year-old Grade 7 student at CCHS in La Ronge. As part of Churchill's drama club, I'm currently rehearsing for The Lion King. I'm in Air Cadets and joined its effective speaking team in hopes of improving my oration skills. In a Quizzing group, I memorize Christian scriptures and compete against Quizzers from around Saskatchewan. I'm teaching myself to play the guitar and ukulele. I also love to read. I'm considering attending the University of Regina, where both my parents went. I volunteer at a summer camp, in the kitchen and attending to campers. I help with Sunday School and with community meals. I've received awards for attendance and scripture memorization. I picked my project because my sister began dieting, which made me curious about calories. Next year, I'm planning to use the same method to compare my results to that on nutrition labels and to create new nutrition labels without serving sizes. The advice I would give fellow science fair participants is to start early. Then you have time to mull over parts of your project that you're unsure about. You'll also have the time to make changes to your project before it's presented.

Lily Preikschat

Burning Calories
Region:Northern Saskatchewan
City:La Ronge, SK
School:Churchill Composite H.S.
Abstract:My project is called "burning calories". It was made to satisfy my curiosity that was peaked after hearing of a way to measure calories using household items. During the experiment, I burn food underneath water and measure the change in water temperature. This data is used in a formula that determines how much energy in the form of heat was captured while the food burned.