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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Science is overall one of my favourite subjects and if I get the chance, I would either go into the medical field or law. For my, hobbies I often read a lot of books and write plenty of poems. I have also won the distinction award in school.I got my project inspiration from both the internet and from real life experience at the same time. I had bought an apple from the store and when I ate it I felt that it had tasted a little less sour than the ones in my fridge, and I instantly jumped onto the computer to see if there might be any project relating to that.For further investigations, I would have a wider array of test subjects and maybe even maybe try to find a way to turn my results into a product.For other students doing a project, the advice I would give them is that they have to pick something that interests that interest them or else they won't feel compelled to finish the project itself, they also need to pick something that comes from a daily experience, something that many people, including themselves, have problems with and they want to solve.

Salamat Ibrahim

Temperature's Effect on Apples
Region:Peace Country
City:Peace River, AB
School:Glenmary School
Abstract:I wanted to test out how different temperatures affect apples in terms of malic acid content, starch content, and appearance. The apples were placed in three different storage temperature for three weeks. After the period of storage the malic acid content in the apples were tested using titration while the starch content was determined using a starch-iodine test.