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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I am 13 years old and live in Creston, BC. I enjoy downhill skiing, soccer, and basketball. I have been involved in science fair for 6 years, have won gold at my regional fair 4 times. I am president of my 4H club, and am involved in Scouts. I have travelled with Scouts to international and national jamborees. I am interested in clean energy. I learned how others are starting to explore using piezoelectricity to create electrical energy from wasted mechanical energy. I hope to keep working with piezoelectricity and help develop ways this can be used in everyday lives. I hope to go to university when I graduate and become an aerospace engineer.

Hayden Persad

Piezoelectricity: The Energy of the Future
Region:West Kootenay & Boundary
City:Creston, BC
School:Adam Robertson Elementary
Abstract:I am interested in alternative energy sources. My project is on piezoelectricity, which is energy captured when pressure is applied to piezoelectric crystals. I have created an electrical circuit that contains 6 piezoelectric discs that light an LED when pressure is applied to the discs.