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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Sarah Jane Comeau. I am 12 years old and I am in the seventh grade at Valley Christian Academy. I am in the chapel band as the lead female singer. I am also in intermediate gymnastics. I got the inspiration for my project when I was watching a television show. There where young children that rated adults in intelligence based on gender. I wanted to see if there were any other variables besides gender that may have affected the results. My plans for further investigation include doing an online survey which would increase accuracy by collecting more data. Another way to further this investigation would be to add more variables such as more t-shirt colours, using people with different hair colours and using people with tattoos. Some advice I would give to other students about doing a project would be that if your hypothesis does not match up with the results it is okay. This happens all the time in science and it does not affect the quality of your project.

Sarah Jane Comeau

What Your Clothes Are Saying About You
City:Quispamsis, NB
School:Valley Christian Academy
Abstract:Can the colour you wear affect what people think of you? Two hundred people were shown photos of two individuals in 5 different coloured shirts. The participants were asked how creative, outgoing and smart the individuals were. I concluded that colour does have an effect on first impressions. My second experiment on colour concluded that people associate specific emotions and personality traits with different colours.