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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Faaizah T. Joita. I am currently a student attending William MacDonald School. I hope to one day study in health and psychology. At the beginning of this project I was told to pick a project that I was interested in. After I browsed through numerous articles and websites, I could not find one that interested me. The following day I thought, what is motivating me to do this project, and through that thought process I came up with my project question. What motivates human beings to be the way they are, negativity or positivity? Or more specifically what kind of verbal reinforcements motivates best. Through this question I was able to build a foundation to work on. Throughout this project I learned a lot of thing. I found that my project was successful and hope to carry on my research in the future. I would strongly recommend to anyone thinking about doing a project in psychology to pursue it.

Faaizah Joita

Positive Reinforcement vs. Negative Reinforcement
City:Yellowknife, NT
School:William McDonald School
Abstract:My project is about what motivates human behavior best, negative or positive reinforcements. This is a project that magnifies how verbal reinforcement works and how it affects a person's capability and desire to learn. In this project the results show that a person with positive reinforcements did slightly better than a person with negative reinforcements.