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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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I have never thought of myself as a person that is highly interested in science, however, I realized after doing this project that I had always been interested in the world and people around me and really that's all you need to be interested in science. I got my inspiration for this project from my brother who was living with my family at the time and was continually changing his diet. I was curious as to how his changing diet was affecting his mental performance. I'm not sure how I will continue investigations into this particular field in the future as I plan to be quite busy attending college to become a paramedic, however, I know that my time on this project has been well spent and that I have gained a lot of experience from it.I would tell any students, or anyone in general that is wanting to do a project, to not let others expectations hold them back. Do the project because they want to and learn from it whatever they can, even if that means they learn something different than they set out to.

Cassandra Grace Benson

Starving Our Brains
Région:Saskatchewan Chinook
Ville:Hazlet, SK
École:Hazlet School
Sommaire:A study on how not eating for short periods of time impacts certain mental skills. Skills including attention, working memory, simple reaction time, and perseverance. All participants were asked to refrain from eating for 24 hours and were given simple tests at the start of the 24 hours, after 12 hours and after the entire 24 hours.