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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Thipok - My name is Thipok Bovornratanaraks. I’m a grade 8 student at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School, Bangkok, Thailand. My favourite subject is Science and I’m interested in Science projects and researches since I was grade 6. I want to be a physician after graduating. I have been waiting and dreaming to attend this Science fair for years, and finally, I was given an opportunity by YGA2017 to do so. I started doing my science project to solve my own problem. It all started with a single problem; “How can we charge our electronic devices during our travelling?”. I came up with an idea and started working on the Energy Conversion System for Traveller with my friend. Besides doing this project and studying, I also enjoy “Khon” (masked Thai dancing), ballroom dancing, and piano. I’ve won gold medals from these ballroom dancing and I’m about to perform a Khon show this August. Although I spend most of my time studying and doing this project, I still don’t feel that it’s hard or tiring at all. Doing a science project may seem difficult, but actually, if only you have an idea, I’m sure that you could do it.
Teepop - My name is Teepop Sutthipisal.Now I am studying grade8 at chulalongkorn university demonstration secondary school. My hobbies are watching movies and reading comics but I am also interested in innovation.This project was first developed when I and my friend were travelling by plane and our electronic devices ran out of batteries.We thought that if we could produce electricity while we were traveling and replenished our electronic devices to be used would be a great idea. So we innovated ECoST to solve this problem. For the further investigations, we want to increase the efficiency of our system by developing ECoST to generate more electricity and making our system lighter. So we can put more things into the luggage.Finally,I think that this project teach me a lot of things such as how to work as a team and how to solve problems systematically.

Thipok Bovornratanaraks, Teepop Sutthipisal

Energy Conversion System for Traveller (ECoST)
Abstract:Our innovation is composed of the energy harvesting unit and the energy storage unit. The harvesting unit was designed to convert kinetic energy from rolling wheels into electricity. The electricity is then stored in the energy storage unit. We replace the conventional Lithium battery with the most recent supercapacitor technology which exploited no chemical process. We have already been assigned the patent submission number.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada