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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Affaan Abid and I am a grade 7 student at Silverspring School in Saskatoon, SK. I enjoy learning about many topics related to science especially with hands-on activities so I can experience what I am learning, by doing. Some of my hobbies include math, competitive basketball, hockey, puzzles and playing the alto saxophone. Additionally, I enjoy participating in science fairs and math competitions. I learned a great deal of knowledge from my project this year, specifically on how it related to human health benefits. I received the original idea to study carotenoids after researching on vitamin A. In the future I hope to continue investigating science-based solutions to bring about a better quality of life for all people around the globe. This is my first year attending the CWSF-ESPC competition and I am extremely excited to take in all it has to offer, including meeting new and unique scientists. Lastly, if I were to provide any advice for future students it would be to always maintain a positive mindset towards new scientific discoveries and never give up because often what we don’t know appears to be right in front of our eyes.

Affaan Abid

Carotenoids: The Colours Hold the Secret
City:Saskatoon, SK
School:Silverspring Public E.S.
Abstract:The objective of this project was to examine the effects cooking had on presence of carotenoids in chickpeas, lentils and peas. This will assist breeders with targeting future research towards carotenoids showing the most potential for increased benefits socially, economically and in human health. Equally, these findings will provide consumers with the knowledge of which foods have the most benefit after being affected by cooking.