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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Darshana. I am a grade 9 student in the French Immersion Program at Walter Murray Collegiate. I love learning languages and can speak 4 different languages (English, French, Hindi and Marathi).Some of my hobbies include singing, cooking, and knitting. Right now I am preparing for my level 5 Royal Conservatory Voice exam. I also have an interest in social justice. Debate and french speaking competitions are some of the activities that I take part in.I have a passion for learning, especially in the field of science. This is my third year taking part in CWSF and last year I received a bronze medal.The inspiration for this project came from my own dilemma about choosing healthy wheat diets. With so many different wheat varieties to choose from it was difficult to make a choice on which wheat variety gives a good source of nutrients.That is why I decided to pursue this study. My advice to other students thinking about doing a project is your environments are one of the greatest places for an inspiration to science projects. So keep your eyes open! In the future I would like to continue work in the fields of nutrition and agriculture.

Darshana Lanke

Ancient versus Modern Wheats: Present Day Consumers Dilemma to Good Health
City:Saskatoon , SK
School:Walter Murray Collegiate
Abstract:The objective of this project was to analyze the nutritional composition of ancient and modern wheats. The study shows that the nutritional composition of the wheat varieties is comparable to one another. Consumers face a dilemma about choosing healthy wheat diets; this study makes a difference for consumers as it gives them an idea about different wheats nutritional composition in comparison to one another.