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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Larsson Jarvis is a grade 8 student at Holy Family School in Hanover, Ontario. He loves cats, enjoys Water Polo and has a passion for swimming. He recently completed all swimming levels including life saving courses and can not wait to complete the lifeguard courses. Larsson enjoys playing the flute in a quartet at his school. He is a member of the Mental Health Youth Champions at his school where he talks with students about improving mental health. He completed the 5km Around The Bay running race in Hamilton, Ontario and enjoys listening to music while he runs. Larsson is excited to be part of this BlueWater Regional Science Fair Team. This is Larsson second science fair and first time at the Canada Wide Science Festival. Larsson Gyroscopic Precession project won a gold at the regional level last year. His inspiration for this project came from his brother doing a similar project when he was in grade school. For further investigations Larsson will add smoke into the wind tunnel to demonstrate the Coanda Effect. Advice Larsson would give to people doing a project would be, science is fun get involved and most importantly have fun.

Larsson Jarvis

Wind Beneath My Airfoils Bernoulli’s Principle
City:Hanover, ON
School:Holy Family E.S.
Abstract:Four different airfoil designs were created and rigorously tested under four different payloads and seven different angles of attack, using a wind tunnel that was specifically designed and meticulously built as part of this project to investigate Bernoulli’s Principle. The results of the 280 tests clearly demonstrated that the sweptback airfoil was the superior design for lift efficiency with the straight thin airfoil finishing second.