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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Kaitlyn Coen, and I am a grade 10 student at Glenmary school, in Peace River, Alberta. I have always been passionate about helping others, and this is especially true with the plight of Canada's homeless population. Last year, I created a combination backpack/sleeping bag called the C-Heater, and not only did I get the opportunity to present my innovation at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina, but I also was recognized with the Venture Tech Youth Innovation Award in Edmonton. Still, a backpack doesn't provide anyone with a "Home" does it? I wanted to create a portable shelter that would provide shelter and protection, and maybe even a place someone could call their own. This idea turned into the C-Trailer, and I am very excited to see where my desire to help others, my creativity, and science will take me next!

Kaitlyn Coen

The C Trailer
Region:Peace Country
City:Grimshaw , AB
School:Glenmary School
Abstract:The C-Trailer is a tent/bike trailer for shelter and transportation which allows storage for personal belongings and provides a solar energy source. It has a water-resistant and heat-retraining outer lining and compacts into three different settings depending on your transit and storage needs. Most of the materials for my project, with the exception of the energy source, are recycled and refurbished household items.

Awards Value
Engineering Innovation Award
Sponsor: The Engineering Institute of Canada