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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Amara - My name is Amara Drefs, I am a grade nine student who attends school in a small town located in Northern Alberta. I love sports, I participate in volleyball, cross country, track and dance, as well as hand games, student government and drama. I have completed my DELF A1 and am working towards the next level. I babysit and help my parents farm during the summer. In the future, I hope to become a doctor and specialize in forensic pathology, However my ambition in life will always be to make a difference and help other people. I started my project because I have a cat house with three different insulations in it and wanted to see which would keep them the warmest in the winter, but also be the least detrimental to their health. As we continued investigating, we realized that we could use our project to provide those without easy access to insulation with a more affordable, natural insulator. We improved our project by doing another experiment with a fireproofing component added. I think that other students should keep asking questions and experiment to find the answer because they could find something amazing.
Brayley - My name is Madison Brayley Emter, I am a grade 9 student who attends school in a small rural town in Alberta. I participate in badminton, archery, handgames, I enjoy volunteering at the local hospital, writing and working with children. I have completed my DELF A1 and am working on my A2. My goals include attending Pearson International College and becoming a college professor specializing in the personalities of language arts. We decided to do our project because my partner has a kitty condo and each compartment has a different insulator. Because our temperatures have gotten to -40 this year we wanted to find an insulation that would be natural and also would keep them warm. If someone were to ask me about why I did science fair I would tell them that I did this project simply because it is a chance to make a difference, our project can keep people warm, conserve energy and be a cost effective alternative to synthetic insulators. My aspiration in life has always been, and always will be, to create a better life for future generations, I want to make a difference.

Amara Drefs, Brayley Emter

Region:Peace Country
City:High Prairie, AB
School:Prairie River Junior High School
Abstract:Insulation can hold it's R-Value (quality) for over 100 years after installation. Imagine how long it stays in landfills before decomposing. We wanted to change that. We decided to make an insulation that was equally as effective as store-bought insulation but were uncertain of the results due to recent technological advancements. We constructed an insulation made up of byproducts that surpassed all others tested.