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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Roni - I go to Charles H. Best with my project partner Riker. Some of my hobbies are robotics and engineering, competitive video gaming, and guitar. For my project, I and my partner got our inspiration for the project when we were browsing the school science fair 2 years ago and saw a project about the future of mankind. Even though the project itself wasn't very successful it made us curious about the idea of evolution, and when we researched about it to only find out that we never really knew what evolution was, we decided that we had to make some kind of tool to help teach and understand the idea of evolution. In the future, we hope to improve the project by extending the variety of our simulation to plants and fungi as well. As for advice, I would say that as long as you are doing a project that you feel passionate about, as in passionate about knowing more but not only simply about the subject, your chances of succeeding will skyrocket.
Riker - I go to Charles Herbert Best middle school. I am not as interested as I am curious about science. My curiosity for science is what drives me to such success. I'm a very competitive pokemon gamer, therefore I am really into evolution. Since my favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur, he is a plant-based pokemon, I am very curious about how plant evolution works but we chose to stick to the basis of an animal evolution. turns out, animal evolution does not resemble pokemon evolution, at all. The advice that I can give to others is, do something that you're curious about. My school loves pokemon, my friends and I trade cards every day so we could smell the scent of new Pokemon cards.

Roni Kant, Riker Wong

A Virtual Simulation of the Evolution Process
City:Toronto, ON, North York, ON
School:Charles H. Best M.S.
Abstract:We have coded a virtual scientific evolution simulator as an educational tool to simplify the theory of evolution which is a highly misunderstood concept. The coding behind the evolution simulator involves different properties both for creatures and for the environment which is a good reflection of the real evolution process.