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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Ana Sophia, I attend a science and math based program in Toronto. My hobbies include debating, figure skating, soccer, running, advocating for women's rights and learning about the different branches of science. My greatest accomplishments this year include attending OFSAA for cross-country and making it to the National Science Fair. In the future, I'm planning to pursue a career in the sciences. My project was inspired by my dad. He is an environmental lawyer and often times he tells me about the interesting stuff he learns. One day the topic of energy from waste came up, I was very fascinated so I started to do some research. I have many plans for further investigations, I would like to test plenty of different additional substrates to find the best additive. One piece of advice I would offer students who are looking to do a science fair project is that you shouldn't be scared to ask for help. Plenty of the papers you'll read will have the scientist's email. If there is something you don't understand, emailing them is very useful, and often times they'll be eager to help.

Ana Sophia Rashid-Cocker

Electricity from the Unlikely
City:Toronto , ON
School:Bloor C.I.
Abstract:This project focuses on finding a way to enhance the amount of electricity generated from the microbes living in organic waste or mud so that we can reduce the costs of wastewater plants. In order to do so, I added different amounts of cornstarch to mud. As a result, I found a 10% addition of cornstarch to be the most effective.