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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Lily - Our inspiration came from the 2016 drought in Ontario. There was a major problem happening and no one had thought of anything to help. We started with the idea of using a dehumidifier and using the moisture it collected from the air, and using it for everyday use. We had found a setback it had already been done. Then, we got the idea of collecting condensed water from pipe. We had cold water going through copper coil, and heat, and humidity together makes condensation which is collected into a trough, goes through a filtration system then you can use this condensation for everyday use (showering, washing hands, drinking, and dishes, etc.). We want to be able to create the next innovation to reduce the effects of drought, therefore we are doing tests to see where our project would work best in the world (humid climates, hot climates).
Shoshannah - My name is Shoshannah Spencer. I am a Grade 7 student at Susanna Moodie Elementary School. I have been attending the school since Junior Kindergarten and have received many awards such as a Citizenship Award, many Terrific Kids Awards, Mathematics Award, Reading Awards and now, QRSTF Awards. I have been enjoying being on the school’s Earth Care Team since Grade 3. I have also been on several sports teams representing our school since Grade 4. Outside of school, I am a competitive dancer for “The Dance Company”, a Bronze Star swimmer at the “YMCA” and I have also delivered the Intelligencer Newspaper since I was 4 years old. Our idea (for CWSF) began in the summer of 2016 when Belleville first experienced drought conditions. The 2016 drought resulted in shortages of water, with no ideas to conserve it. Then we decided to experiment with different ways to conserve water in drought situations. In the future, we would like to build a house-add on using this idea. I would encourage other students that are interested in scientific fields to create and share their idea in their school’s science fairs because of the opportunities resulting in succession.

Lily Woods, Shoshannah Spencer

Watery going to do?: Reducing the Effects of Drought
City:Belleville, ON, Belleville , ON
School:Susanna Moodie E.S.
Abstract:Our project is an innovation to reduce the affects of drought. We created an innovation that can produce up to 160 liters of water (after filtration) a day (in our house model), with copper coil, a trough, 35 degree Celsius temperature, minimal amounts of cold water and 75% humidity levels. We collect condensation that has been created due to the cold water, heat and humidity.