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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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I am Jasper White, a grade 7 boy currently attending Pretty River Academy. Though science is great, I particularly like to spend my time doing art. So far in art, I have won 2 awards from the Royal Canadian Legion's drawing contest, got my art in OWL magazine multiple times, and other various things. Art is just one of my odd obsessions, such as soup & sloths. When I grow up I want to be an artist, but I still haven't decided yet; an illustrator, sloth-saver, designer, movie director, and soup chef still sound interesting. I guess my interest in sloths started my Idea for science fair, as pygmy sloths are an endangered species just like the monarchs. While doing as much as I could to save the sloths (donating, no longer eating Doritos, etc.) I found out more about the monarchs. After figuring out that my land was filled with milkweed, I got the idea for my project. Now after testing my project, I know that it is extremely important for people to know about milkweed and i've been advertising it everywhere. For science fair advise, mine is to spend time thinking of a creative idea before you start!

Jasper White

The Great Monarch Mission
Région:Simcoe County
Ville:Chatsworth, ON
École:Pretty River Academy
Sommaire:Monarchs now-a-days are going extinct due to our own creation, the pesticide. A good way to help stop this is the seed bomb. Due to a flawed design, 3 new designs were made. There where 2 tests designed to figure out which one is best to use. Eventually it was determined that the upgraded version was best fit to plant seeds.