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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Growing up in Prince Edward Island I have gotten to experience the beauty of nature first hand. I have always been interested in nature, plants and animals. I have recently discovered my love for indoor plants, specifically orchids. After seeing these exotic plants in stores I decided I needed to get one. Sadly that didn't last long. The orchid I had bought was planted in a very dense moss that had caused root rot and killed the orchid. After my first orchid died I wondered first if it was my fault and later if it was the fault of the potting medium. I later was given the opportunity to join the science club at my school and participate in the science fair, so I used my question as my project to get some first hand experience. For future investigations I would like to also test what light conditions and amount of water provide the best results. If any kids are interested in entering the science fair the only advice I could give would be to do a project on a question or subject you are very interested in, that will make it a fun and enjoyable.

Aiden Stewart

Around the Roots
Region:Prince Edward Island
City:Charlottetown, PE
School:Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
Abstract:For this project eighteen Dendrobium Nobile orchids were planted in three different potting mediums (moss, soil and orchid mix) to discover which medium would provide the best growth. The orchids were monitored for five consecutive months. All given the same amount of water and exposure to sunlight. Can you predict which worked best?