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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I am Muhammad Arib Khan but people call me Arib. I am from Edmonton Islamic Academy. I like basketball and badminton. I love to travel and explore far off places. I'm interested in programming and video gaming. I'm planning to become a software architect. I have participated in the heritage fair. I have also participated in the science fair, every year and won many awards. For the year 2018, I am honored to represent Edmonton in the Canada-wide Science Fair. I have a hobby of taking apart lots of stuff and putting it back together. I started working on this project while I was taking apart a mouse and the idea just grew and took over me which inspired me to create the Multitasking Mouse Glove. For further research, I would program the glove. For other students, I would advise them to focus on what they like doing most. For example, if you like biking figure out a way to make a helmet that gives you directions on where you want to go. Creating something new is difficult as it has a thought process but it becomes easy if it's in your personal interest.

Muhammad Arib Khan

Multitasking Mouse Glove
City:Edmonton, AB
School:Edmonton Islamic Academy
Abstract:The computer mouse is the main problem for computer users. During hard computer work, individuals have to perform the same tasks repeatedly which causes many medical problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I made Multitasking Mouse Glove (MMG). It's astonishing since it reduces the risk of medical problems by causing less movement on the hand and takes a minimum time to work on two different computers.