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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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I go to school in Edmonton, Alberta. Before I was asked to go to CWSF, I first had to present my project at school, and then again at Edmonton Regional Science Fair. My project experimented on which type of music would be the most relaxing for autistic kids. I got the inspiration for my project from the many kids I know that have autism. I plan to test more autistic kids, but with different genres of music than the types I used for my current experiment. Some advice I would give students who are thinking about doing a project is to not be worried about what other people will think of it. If you like it, other people will too! Show your passion for it!

Lydia Tesfaye

Relaxed or Rushed: Tunes for Autistic Kids
Ville:Edmonton, AB
École:Aurora Charter School
Sommaire:My project experimented on which genre of music would be the most relaxing for autistic kids. The information collected can be useful to parents of autistic children because autistic kids can be restless most of the time, and music can help calm them down. I believe my project is interesting because it deals with kids who have a brain disorder, which is something uncommon.