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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Biography April 16, 2018 My name is Hayven Elanik I am 16 years old I have 3 sisters 3 brothers I am the middle child and the oldest girl. My favourite things to do are hanging out with friends, and being with my family, go for walks, being with my sisters and I love to go to school. I am in grade 11. In 2016-2017 I applied for the NYA I was placed in Ottawa Ontario and worked for 5 to 6 weeks, at the summer job in Ottawa. I was working in a bakery called Top of the Hill Bakery. This trip was a big trip for me because it was my first time going far away from home for a long time. It was the best trip of my life. Now there is the regionals held in Ontario I am so proud to represent my community, school and myself.

Hayven Elanik

Can you separate salt from water by freezing?
City:Aklavik, NT
School:Moose Kerr School
Abstract:Can you separate salt from water by freezing it? Yes, it is possible to de-salinate water by freezing it. However, it requires the freezing process to be very slow so that pure water can accumulate to form ice while pushing the salt particles to accumulate in the liquid part because salt particles are more favourable to stay in liquid then ice.