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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Kaylin Tayler Harder and I live in Inuvik, NT. I am a grade 9 student and I attend East Three Secondary School. I have always been interested in the cognitive science and I did my previous Canada Wide Science Fair project on optical illusions. However during my leisure time I enjoy watercolor painting and modern sewing. I create many different things from quilts and dresses, to simple painting for myself and my family. I play the piano as an extra curricular activity along with my sister, and when I attend university I'm thinking of enrolling in architectural design and engineering, or fashion technologie. I received the inspiration for my project because of my previous project on illusions in 2016. If I were to do any further investigations I would conduct more experiments with more people and possibly someone who is colorblind. And If I were to give some advice to a student interested in doing a project on afterimages I would tell them to test many different people and try doing people with different affects in their vision.

Kaylin Tayler Harder

What are the variables that affect Afterimages?
City:Inuvik, NT
School:East Three Secondary School
Abstract:For my experiment I studied the possible variables that could affect afterimages. An example of an afterimage is when you look at the sun for to long and you look away and it is still there. I studied this because I wanted to figure out what could affect how we see afterimages and how it affects other people.

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