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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hello! I am James, a Gr.9 student at Elgin Park Secondary. I chose this project because I previously had respiratory problems while living in China. In the future, I would run more experiments, using different conditions or different chemicals. I plan to study biomedical engineering after graduating from high school. Outside of Science Fairs, I am a piano, Model UN, and travel enthusiast. To create a successful science fair project, I believe a positive attitude is the most important factor because, with a positive attitude, there will be people who would like to help you. Remember, it is all about being the best person that you can be.

James Fang

Plant Absorption of Indoor Pollutants
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Surrey, BC
School:Elgin Park Secondary
Abstract:This project experiments on two different types of plants: Club Moss and Maidenhair Vine, on three different types of indoor pollutants (formaldehyde, acetone, and toluene), over a period of three weeks. An analysis of organic content, moisture content and soil pH of the soil near the roots is completed. Results indicate 95-98% removal for acetone, >99.5% removal for formaldehyde, and 75-85% removal for toluene.