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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Hello, my name is Leila Smaili. I am thirteen and in grade 8. I love finding ways to fix everyday problems using chemistry and physics (even if I'm not super good at it). My interests include the Series of Unfortunate Events books, Shakespeare, and drawing. I want to be a chemist when I grow up, but I don't know in what field. I was inspired to do my project because I noticed that in in the USA and the EU and ingredient from my toothpaste is banned. I did some research and Triclosan became the centre of my project. In the future, I would want to investigate if triclosan causes cross-resistance to any clinical antibiotic in the environment. Some advice I would give to someone starting a science fair project would be to do a project that is important to you but also to the general public, know every aspect of your project, and to write a strong and scientific report.

Leila Smaili

A World Without Triclosan is Minty Fresh
Région:Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
Ville:Kingston, ON
École:King's Town School
Sommaire:I researched and experimented with a chemical called triclosan; commonly found in toothpaste and hand soaps. My experiments proved triclosan promotes antibacterial resistance and impairs muscle and heart contraction in D. magna. Research linked triclosan to endocrine disruption; when a chemical mimics a hormone or blocks a cell's receptor. Triclosan is banned in the U.S. and the EU but why not in Canada?