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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I am currently attending Freedom Thinkers Education and in my spare time I'm a competitive Irish dancer at the Watt School of Irish Dance. I got the inspiration for this project from my father who works in the oil industry. It was from his work that I began to wonder about how oil reaches other continents. For further investigations I plan to experiment more on strategies to clean up oil. I'd like to work with the strategies to apply them to areas where they will be more effective. For people who want to create their own science fair I'd advise them to pick a topic that they are interested in learning about. It's much easier to work on a project that you are passionate about.

Haley Korfmann

Drowning in Oil
Region:Northern British Columbia
City:Fort St John, BC
Abstract:For my project I studied extracting oil from water by testing multiple different processes. The goal was to see what strategy extracted the largest amount of oil. Oil spills are devastating to the environment. The oil pollutes waterways, plants, and any wildlife that comes in contact with the spill. I find this project interesting because it relates to me and the world around us.