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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Holly, and I am from Taloyoak, NU. I am having school, my school name is Netsilik Ilihaqvik, and i am proud i am in grade ten! After i graduate i want to go to collage in Iqaluit for Conservation Officer, i love hunting and camping, my favorite sport is VOLLEYBALL! I also love to play ice hockey, but not so much. The inspiration for my project is from my mother Lucy, because she wanted to know why does the ice taste different when it have more murkey. The further plans for my project is to try and find out how could the cloudy ice not taste like murkey. (filter the ice and make it clear)

Holly Tulurialik

Clear Ice vs. Cloudy Ice
City:Taloyoak, NU
School:Netsilik School
Abstract:I collected clear ice and cloudy ice from lakes near town. I conducted a blind taste test to see which type of ice people preferred. I think my study is important because Inuit use ice everyday in their food and drink.