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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Rowan Harris-Stoertz is a grade 8 student at Children’s Montessori School in Peterborough, Ontario. She loves cats, computer programming, robotics, fencing, carpentry, reading, and crafts of all kinds (especially balloon twisting). She has 3 cats, 12 chickens, and she plays the flute. She hopes to find a career involving software design, robotics, engineering, and creativity. She loves all animals, and when she learned that many K-9 police dogs don't have protective vests due to the prohibitive cost, she decided to try to make inexpensive protective vests for K-9s.

Rowan Harris-Stoertz

Protecting the Protectors: Making K9 Body Armour from Recycled Fabrics
City:Lakefield, ON
School:The Children’s Montessori & Preparatory School Inc.
Abstract:Most police dogs don't have protective vests due to the prohibitive cost. I sought to develop an inexpensive but effective vest from recycled fabric and hide glue, inspired by historical cloth armours. I tested several kinds of cloth using the National Institute of Justice standards for ballistic and stabbing tests. My best samples were effective against knives, the most common threat in small-town Ontario.