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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Anaya - My name is Anaya Permanand, I live in Thompson Manitoba and attend Grade 7 at École Riverside Elementary School. I have been participating in my school Science Fair since Grade 2. In Grade 3, Samara Green and I decided to partner up and won first place. We have entered projects every year since then, and have received first place for the last five years, attending Regional Science fair every year since we were eligible. We have been hoping for the chance to attend the National Science Fair since we first heard about it, and I am very exited to have the chance to attend. In school, my favorite subjects are Science, English, and Math. I am very athletic and love all sports, but my favorite is basketball and my least favorite is soccer. In the summer, I love to bike and be outside. My friends and I bike all around, since Thompson is a very small town. I also enjoy spending time camping with my family. When I grow up, I would like to be a homicide detective or a teacher.
Samara - My name is Samara Green, I was born and raised here in Thompson Manitoba and attend Grade 7 at Ecole Riverside Elementary School. I have been participating in school Science Fairs since Grade 3. Science fairs here in Thompson a Northern remote community sometimes can be challenging as we have to be more creative with our ideas. If it wasn't for our Science teacher Mme. Mervat pushing us to try something different we would not be here today. My favorite subjects are Science and English. I love all sports but my favorite is basketball and dancing. I like hanging out with my friends, swimming and just being outside. I enjoy spending time with my family. I like Volunteering in Community events like parades, Manitoba Games, doing shoot a thons with my basketball team to help raise money for various groups within our community Hope North Suicide Prevention, breakfast programs and make a wish foundation . When I grow up, I am really not sure what I want to be just yet. I do know I want to work in a job that will allow me to help another person out or make them feel better like a doctor or Nurse.

Anaya Permanand, Samara Green

How Does Music Affect Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure?
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Thompson, MB
School:Riverside School
Abstract:To see if music has an effect on people’s heart rate and blood pressure. Many things in our world cause stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. Our thought was if music helps change our mood, would it work for other people. We tested our theory on an equal number of males and females in different ages groups to find out.