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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Morgan - My name is Morgan Mercredi. I am 13 years old and in grade 8 at Churchill Community High School. I live in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. I love to play sports especially hockey. I am the goalie for the La Ronge Ice Wolves Bantam team. I have won Most Dedicated and Most Valuable Player multiple times. When I graduate I want to be a plumber or a carpenter. My inspiration for my project was my environment. We are surrounded by trees and many people use wood to keep warm. I think we could possibly measure the carbon dioxide that the wood gives off when burning. Advice for others is to work hard and don't procrastinate.
Xavier - My name is Xavier Gauge Ratte-Franks, I was born august twenty-seventh two thousand four. I attend Churchill Community High School, I really love playing the drums and guitar. I just joined football and I'm in the science club and badminton. I have received the Northern Saskatchewan Student Achievement Award last year. I got the inspiration as we burn wood as a heat source at my house, and wanted to know what the best wood was. As for further investigations, I would want to change a few things and expand on a few ideas. I would tell other students to never give up and not quit.

Morgan Mercredi, Xavier Ratte-Franks

Which Wood from the Boreal Forest Produces the Most Heat and Burns the Longest?
Region:Northern Saskatchewan
City:LaRonge, SK, La Ronge, SK
School:Churchill Composite H.S.
Abstract:This experiment determined which type of wood from the Boreal forest produced the highest amount of heat and burned the longest in a wood stove. Overall, jack pine burned the longest and tamarack produced the highest temperature. These findings will allow people to make an informed choice about the best type of wood to use in their wood stove.