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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Samantha - I'm Samantha Glenday and I attend Leaf Rapids Education Centre school in Leaf Rapids ,Manitoba.I'm in grade 8.I participate in sports such as badminton and football.I love playing the violin and the cello.I also enjoy taking photographs.I got the inspiration for my project from working a lot last year with seedlings and since my science project last year involved magnets,I decided to combine both together.I would advise other students to investigate into something that you are curious about and learn more about the subject.
Lucas - My name is Lucas Lussier and I am 14 years old. I live in Leaf Rapids, Manitoba. I was born in Thompson,MB. I like to play badminton and hockey and my favorite subject in school is math and science. When i'm done my school work I go to badminton practice. Just this year I was picked to go to frontier games were i won gold medal in badminton. MY favorite NHL team is the Washington Capitals. Just last month I went to see them play in Winnipeg, they lost sadly but i still had a fun time. It is time for science! Me and my science partner won the science fair in Leaf Rapids, so we got to go to Winnipeg. We got to shop, swim, movies, everything and when it was time for science we were ready. We set up our board and while we waited we went to see a snake show. We presented our project and then we waited. We got 2nd place but they picked us and some other girl to go to the Canada wide science fair.

Samantha Glenday, Lucas Lussier

Do Magnets Affect the Growth of Plants?
Region:Frontier Schools
City:Leaf Rapids, MB
School:Leaf Rapids Education Centre
Abstract:Our project is about the combination between magnets and plants and if there is any benefits of such relationship.We planted radish seeds in containers and some have magnets on top of the seeds and some have the magnet at the bottom of the container. We also have some that have no magnets.This way we are able to compare our results with or without magnets.