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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Alyssa Jolliffe is 13 years old and is in the extended French program at Land of Lakes Public School. She is in grade 8 and her favorite subjects are French, English, and History. Alyssa is in the MeToWe club at her school and is also the Vice President of the student council. She loves to play sports, but her favorite sport is hockey. In the summer one of Alyssa's favorite things to do is go swimming in the many lakes in the area and ride her bike with her friends. When Alyssa has downtime, she enjoys reading fiction books. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Alyssa is very passionate about trying to help the Indigenous communities that need clean water and has a new interest in coding. By combining those two interests Alyssa came up with the idea for her project. This is Alyssa's first time at CWSF and she is very thrilled and honored to be here!!

Alyssa Jolliffe

Make it Flow!
Region:East Parry Sound
City:Sundridge, ON
School:Land of Lakes Senior P.S.
Abstract:Many Indigenous communities across Canada have boil water/do not consume advisories. Many people don't realize that in some Indigenous communities the water is contaminated and unfit for personal consumption. For my project I developed an app that is a game to raise awareness of the issues surrounding water in many communities.