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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Corin Acton. I am involved in curling, piano, the 4-H Beef Club, and dance. I like to read, play Minecraft, golf and solve Rubix cubes. I have an extensive collection of cubes including a 13x13. I help my family volunteer at local community events. I would like to go to university and study computer science. The inspiration for my project was that I noticed a need for it in my community. Where I live we have many people who are newcomers to Canada. I plan to expand my project by polishing what I have and adding more depth. I would like to add a trivia game relevant to Canada. My advise for other students thinking about doing a project is to choose a topic that you're interested in and possibly already know some information about.

Corin Acton

It’s Sweater Weather
Region:Southeast Saskatchewan
City:Ogema, SK
School:Ogema School
Abstract:I designed a computer game to help people that are new to Canada dress for the weather. I thought of this idea because we have a diverse population and some people were not familiar with Canadian weather. So I made a game to teach people how to dress in a funner way