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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hayeon - Hayeon Min is a Korean Montrealer, finishing high school with IB in Collège Saint-Louis. With a growing passion for arts and sciences, she decided to use her talents to help her surroundings. She joined the wall painting project at school through the Green Committee to raise awareness about the environment. She designed posters for several events held by her school or her church to raise funds for disadvantaged families locally and internationally. Being an immigrant herself, she enjoys tutoring young immigrants in French, mathematics and biology, so that they could adapt faster in their new school. This year, she gladly participated to the Expo-sciences for a second time to vulgarize another study: the biochemistry of tea, an important drink part of her traditions and reputated for its health benefits. Next year, she will enter CEGEP, specifically Collège Jean-De-Brébeuf, in a diverse program called Sciences, Lettres et Arts. She is excited to discover more precisely her interests and her career decisions. Perhaps presenting an experiment at the next Science Fair is in her plan. To the future Science Fair participants, Hayeon suggests to always persevere and use your passions and talents as motors. Everyone has their own special skill, you included.
Li Shu Yin - My name is Li Shu Yin Han and I am 17 years old, currently studying at Collège St-Louis in Montreal. My main hobbies are arts (movies, books, music and visual arts), baking, sewing. One of my career goals is to participate at least once to msf (doctors without borders). I got my inspiration for this project from my culture, as drinking tea is something we do daily. My physics teacher is also a fan of tea, and so we decided to search on the health benefits of tea.

Hayeon Min, Li Shu Yin Han

Vivre santé ou sans thé ?
Region:Montréal RM
City:Verdun, QC, Kirland, QC
School:Collège Saint-Louis
Abstract:Our project is a profound study on tea, from its creation to its chemical aspects to its health benefits. Our main goal is to convince the audience to drink more green tea!