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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Qiu Shi - I've always been fascinated by mathematics and natural sciences. During the last few years, I've read many popular science books, ranging from cosmology to evolutionary biology. I've also participated in many mathematics contests, such as the American Invitational Mathematics Examination and the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge. I was also Canadian champion of the University of British Colombia's Michael Smith Science Challenge in grade 10.
Yu Chen - I'm currently studying at College Jean-de-Brébeuf as a secondary V student. I participate in many science, mathematics, and writing contests. I love reading and drawing, and I regularly offer free tutoring to immigrant children. Since I study in Montreal, many of my fellow students have to travel very far to come to school every day. They would often use that fact to justify having bad grades. However, a startlingly small number of studies have been conducted on the effects of daily travel time on academic performance, which is why I decided to base my project on this problem. I think it would be interesting, if I happen to continue working on this subject, to include students from other cegeps in Montreal in my study so that the results could be applied to a much larger population. As for advices, I believe that the most important thing is to do your best. You have to present your project with the assurance that you've done everything you possibly could, but you should also acknowledge your mistakes. Finally, don't be stressed, because it's much more important to enjoy yourself and to learn from the experience than to waste your time worrying needlessly.

Qiu Shi Wang, Yu Chen Shi

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Région:Montréal RM
Ville:Montréal, QC
École:Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf
Sommaire:Our project is an observational statistical study on the effect of daily commute time on a CÉGEP student's grades. Using linear regression methods, we conclude that commute time has no effect on a student's grades, contrarily to popular opinion. In light of these results, we can affirm that commuting distance shouldn't be a determining factor in a student's choice of school or residence.

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