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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I am an aspiring entrepreneur intrigued by the workings of society and the pursuit of a economically and environmentally harmonious society. I am especially enthralled by the numerous wonders to be beheld in a scientifically advanced society. Regarding my project, I was particularly inspired by those in the developing world who to not have the economic ability to create sustainable energy, especially regarding mobility. Therefore my next goal would be to obtain a commercial patent for our hydrogen fuel in order to mass produce the product and eventually sell it commercially. I believe our product will one day be integrated seamlessly with am traditional gasoline engine. This is my first science fair experience and I am incredibly surprised at our generators instant success. In the end hard work and dedication prevail and success will follow suit. Sometimes I wonder what my future beholds in terms of mentor-ship. One day perhaps.

Wilfred Mason

Self-Assembling Bio-Photocells
City:Laval, QC
School:Collège Marianopolis
Abstract:The purpose of this project is to design self-assembling solar cells which are inspired by the way plants and certain types of bacteria absorb sunlight. To create these solar panels, genetic and structural modifications were performed on a photosynthetic bacteria in order to obtain proteins wrapped in nanotubes which could be used to generate and store charge in biological solar cells when flashed with light.

Awards Value
Youth Can Innovate Awards
Sponsor: The Gwyn Morgan and Patricia Trottier Foundation
$1 000.00
Excellence Award - Senior
Silver Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
Carleton University Entrance Award
Senior Silver Medallist - $2,000 Entrance Award
Sponsor: Carleton University
$2 000.00
Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship
Senior Silver Medallist - $2500 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Dalhousie University, Faculty of Science
$2 500.00
UBC Science (Vancouver) Entrance Award
Senior Silver Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: The University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
$2 000.00
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship
Senior Silver Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Ottawa
$2 000.00
Western University Scholarship
Silver Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$2 000.00
Total$11 500.00