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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hello my name is Morgan Dysart. If you want to call me by my nickname it’s Willow. I’m from Split Lake Manitoba, I go to Chief Sam Cook School. My hobbies are basically just Walking around my community and Draw some art in my free time, I’m interested into becoming a tattoo artist. My career is wanting to become a tatto artist like always. I’ve been working on my project with my teacher and a few friends. My friends are the reasons I’m here. I’m planning to work on the same project or something very different. My advice for other students for their projects is focus on the main base of their project. Also they should always work hard and study hard on the project. I glad that I won the Science fair. I really do enjoy this science project. The reason why I choose this topic is because I noticed how the water looks a bit dirty. So I decided to do some tests with my teacher, Him and my friends we’re great help. In college and university I’ll like to take classes for water treatment and chemistry. So this is my biography I hope you like it :)

Morgan Dysart

Dissolved Oxygen Levels around the Hydroelectric Dam Construction at Split Lake
City:Split Lake, MB
School:Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre
Abstract:Ever since the Keeyask Hydroelectric Dam started its construction, we aren't catching as much fish in our small, rural First Nations community and our lakes are starting to fill with algae. Since the dam changes our lake levels, this project is about testing our lake's Dissolved Oxygen so that we can show to our community that our lakes and our traditions are at risk.