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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Stella Smyslo is a grade 8 student currently attending William MacDonald Middle School in Yellowknife, NWT. She has always had a passion for science, wanting to be an engineer since she was 7. Stella has many interests, her favourite being computer programming. She also likes music, art, theatre, math (a lot!) and video games. Stella has won a number of awards, such as her Grade 7 Academic Award, and a School Spirit award. After high school, Stella hopes to attend the University of Waterloo to pursue her dream of becoming a Software Engineer. While this may be her first year of Science Fair, Stella has previous experience in other competitions, such as Heritage Fair. If she was to give any advice for Science Fair, it would be to choose a topic you are interested in. If you have no curiosity, then your only motivation will be to win, therefore you miss out on enjoying every bit of research and discovery. Stella is an awkward, yet outgoing girl who is always ready to learn anything and everything!

Stella Smyslo

Mnemonic Devices for Memory
City:Yellowknife, NT
School:William McDonald School
Abstract:Have you ever met someone new, then forgotten their name right away? Stella Smyslo's project focuses on finding mnemonic devices (memory strategies/aids) for everyday things, such as names, numbers and lists. If everyone knew an easy way to memorize these simple things, our lives would run much smoother. With the help of Stella's project, we can all be more relaxed in our everyday lives!