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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Mia - When planning for Science Fair, I've always had on thing in mind as it regards my families place of origin. Every year my family and I would go to Lebanon, which has a big problem with their garbage, as it is left on roads and waterways. It was then when I thought that we should create a new garbage removal design that can be used without hurting the environment. In the future, I would love to investigate other substitutes for materials that we used, to see if there is something else to make our project more sustainable. As well, I would love to see if there is a way to produce even more electricity for a longer period of time. When thinking for a project, I would say to do something that you find interesting and not just something you think will give you high marks. When doing projects that you are interested in, it allows you to create things that further open your mind to the world of science. I have always loved science, and that is why it is so amazing to get this opportunity to show so many people what I worked so hard to created.
Julia - I am fourteen-year-old Julia Bell from Mississauga, Ontario. I love acting, singing, and playing the guitar. I enjoy participating in my school musicals, as well as sports teams. I have made my school's honour roll every year and plan on continuing this streak. I have always loved nature since I was a child. My grandma had planted sunflowers in my backyard that were taller than I was at the time which sparked this fascination in me, which is still there today. In my geography class, we learn all about the harmful things we do to our environment which was something I wanted to change as every child deserves to know and the see wonder and beauty of nature.

Mia Eleid, Julia Bell

B.E. Green: Garbage Removal Design
City:Mississauga, ON
School:Mentor College
Abstract:This project is a new waste-to-energy design, in which we take biofuel and pour it over the garbage collected, to make it flammable. The gases being released will go into a greenhouse where plants will undergo photosynthesis. The heat from the fire that was burning the garbage will boil the water inside the boiler, and make steam, which will turn a turbine to create electricity.

Awards Value
Intact Climate Change Resilience Award
Sponsor: Intact Financial Corporation