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CWSF 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Zain - My name is Zain and I am a Grade 12 student at Bramalea Secondary School. I have a deep passion for technology and have been taking apart RC toys and electronics ever since I can remember. Some of the things I have done include: building a Bitcoin mining rig, repairing phones/computers, building my own gaming pc, coding my own game, and helping in the development of another game which was published on the Google Play Store. I also like repairing/driving cars, investing/spectating the stock market, and I have also directed two films which have been submitted to the Peel Film Festival. These are just some of my interests, but my main passion is for computer science and computer hardware. 'QuadSense' is our best and most ambitious project yet. We got the inspiration for our project when one of my friend's mother got into an accident, resulting in ludicrous repair cost and permanent emotional damage. So we created the 'QuadSense', with hopes that this would never happen to anyone ever again. I fully intend on making this a real product and available to everyone. My best advice is “hard work and opportunity are the two major keys to success.”
Himanshu - I am a Grade 12 student at Bramalea Secondary School who is passionate about software and robotics. My keen interest in the same has driven me to discover various fields in the areas of Science and Engineering. After learning Java in my high school, I began to develop Android games and learn iOS app development by learning Swift. I then transitioned over and started to learn and make projects with Raspberry Pi and Arduino which helped me a lot during my project of "QuadSense". Me and my partner got inspired for this project when our friend's mother got into an accident due to her inability to detect a car in her door mirrors' "blind spot". Upon further research, we discovered that over 33% of all accidents in the US occurred due to the same reason. This is when we decided to come up with QuadSense, a project destined to make driving in older vehicles a more safer and convenient experience. We plan on making this project into a real product so that everyone can enjoy the taste of a safer drive. I would advise other students doing a project to do enough research to be able to support your hypothesis.

Zain Ul-Abdin, Himanshu Aggarwal

QuadSense: An Autonomous Auxiliary Navigation Assistant
City:Brampton, ON
School:Bramalea S.S.
Abstract:The technology gap between newer and older generations of vehicles is becoming larger and larger as newer vehicles are able to offer features that enable a safer and a more convenient driving experience. QuadSense is a navigation assistant designed to reduce this gap in technology while helping eliminate driver distractions and alerting the driver of other vehicles/objects that are hard to detect otherwise.