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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hello, my name is Hashim Farooq. I'm just a small town boy with a big dream. For 13 years I've been living in rural Manitoba where science fairs are non-existent. When I was 8 i discovered my passion for taking apart things like RC cars and vacuum cleaners and trying to figure out how they worked. After causing my parents havoc for 4 years I built my first simple robot, from old RC cars, toothbrushes, keyboards and vacuum cleaners. I wanted to showcase my hard work and show the world that i created the worlds greatest robot, but that wasn't possible. Back in grade-eight I came up with an idea that seemed impossible. i wanted to reduce climate change. At this age i came to the realization that our world is ending and it isn't going to be like this for long, I had to do something to save it. That's when i came up with the self-charging thermal phone. This phone can be used by anyone and can reduce the amount of electricity we use. I hope to attend an Engineering school where i can enhance my ability to invent for a greater world.

Hashim Farooq

Kinetikos (Self-Charging Thermal) Phone
Region:4-H Canada
City:Brandon , MB
School:Vincent Massey
Abstract:My project is a slef-charging thermal phone. It uses heat from your hands and converts it into electricity. I'm hoping for this phone to be used in countries where there isn't power or have a lack of power.