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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Personal Bibliography By: Joshua William Street April 4, 2019 Joshua Street is 15 years old and from Bezanson school. He has three hobbies: boxing, programming, and airsoft. During grade eight he received the honours reward and plans to earn again in grade nine. He has five siblings, three dogs, three goats, chickens, cats, and a turtle. Joshua likes to swim in his family’s dugout during the summer and tubing in B.C. Joshua likes to keep up with new technology in Canada and other countries around the world. Joshua takes a strong interest in natural and human-caused disasters, especially household fires. Joshua is inspired by seeing moon landings, and supply ships launched by the international space station. One day Joshua would like to work for a space station or own a business. He would like to own a business that is capable of solving a problem at a reasonable price, so he can continue to invest in solving problems.

Joshua Street

Region:Peace Country
City:Grande Prairie, AB
School:Bezanson School
Abstract:Pro Detect Smart Alarm Summary By: Joshua Street April 3, 2019 My project is a smoke detector that has been programmed with an Arduino Uno. By pushing a button on the device, remote, or phone, the smoke detector is temporarily deactivated, automatically resuming after the predetermined time expires. This gives people a safer alternative to unplugging the smoke detector while cooking or lighting candles.