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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Joshua - My name is Joshua Hewko. I am in grade 9 French Immersion at Glenmary School in Peace River, Alberta. I really enjoy learning about all areas of science. Some of my hobbies are skiing, swimming and reading. I also enjoy going camping and fishing. In my free time I play many of different types of games such as board games, video games and card games. At my school, I have received honour roll and at the Peace Regional Science Fair, our project won the excellence award and gold medal for the Physical, Earth and Chemical Science category. We came up with our project's premise after researching piezoelectricity and finding it difficult to find information on how much force must be applied to the crystals to produce a certain voltage.
Mitch - My name Is Mitch Davis, i'm a regular grade 9 student. I go to Glenmary school in Peace River Alberta, I enjoy researching wars and military vehicles and equipment. In the past I got 100% on my grade 6 achievement test so maybe i've got a thing for science. I was inspired to do this project from the internet, i was researching topics for science fair and a found out about piezoelectric materials. It was very hard for me to find out about how to create the electric field though so that's how it started. In the future I would like to test a variety of materials and forces to see what the best combination is. My advice for students who would like to do a project is that you can always improve your project even if you are "done"

Joshua Hewko, Mitch Davis

Which piezoelectric crystals produce the most electricity?
Region:Peace Country
City:Peace River, AB
School:Glenmary School
Abstract:In our experiment, we tested how much voltage piezoelectric rocks would produce when put under certain amounts of force. To do this we dropped a weight onto multiple of these rocks from different heights to see how much electricity they produced at different levels of force.