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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Kaysea - My name is Kaysea Fountain, I am an eighth grade student at Deninu School in Fort Resolution, NT. This will be my second year attending CWSF and I am happy to be coming back! I had tons of fun last year. On my free time, I enjoy going for walks and hanging out with my friends. We got the idea for our project by reading an article on Western University's Worlds Largest Sleep Study. We have done this study last year and compared the results from last year to this years results. For further investigations we would like to add more sleep disruptions and sleep loss factors. some advice I would give someone who is thinking about doing a project is pick an interesting topic, gather lots of research related to your project, don't give up and have fun.
Starr - My name is Starr MacLean, I am a tenth grade student at Deninu School in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. Fort Resolution is a hamlet with a population of approximately 470 people. On my own time, I enjoy playing badminton, track & field and hanging out with my friends. This is my third year coming to the Canada-Wide Science Fair and I'm ecstatic to be coming back. I got my inspiration from Western University's Sleep Deprivation survey and I decided to do the same in my own community. For other students thinking about doing a science fair project, I suggest finding something that you are passionate about and don't give up if something goes wrong because you will be proud of the outcome.

Kaysea Fountain, Starr MacLean

Sleep Deprivation in Fort Resolution, NT: An Unmet Health Problem
Region:South Slave
City:Fort Resolution, NT
School:Deninu School
Abstract:This two-year based study aims to identify, address, and compare last years results to this years factors and disruptions that affect sleep and lead to Sleep Deprivation in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. Once the factors, disruptions, and comparisons have been identified, both the factors and disruptions will be submitted to the Fort Resolution Interagency committee and shown at the local health fairs.