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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My inspiration for this project came from my interest and the love of the outdoors.Ice fishing is a great hobby for me because it's relaxing,challenging and rewarding.In the future I want to have a microchip that lets me know how the fish's brain reacts to the hook jigging. My advice to my peers is to always think out of the box. I was designing this project,ultimate goal was to catch fish using two rods in two different locations.This required me to do research of how I could invent the jig jacker. This invention took commitment and much trial and error. Staying focused using, resources such as the internet, hands on materials and being informed by others' opinions led to my success.

Jayden Cox

Jig Jacker
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Craven, SK
School:Lumsden High
Abstract:Jig Jacker is a automated ice fishing device. The device is designed to jig at the ice fisherman's desired jigged speed of anywhere between 5seconds to 47 seconds. Once a fish has bit the hook, an alarm will activate due to the weight of the fish. This signals to the fisherman that a fish is on the line.