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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I am a grade 11 student who has a very strong passion for science, engineering, and design. This is my second year attending the CWSF. The thing I have always loved the most about science fair is the chance delve deep into why the world is the way it is. Outside of the CWSF I enjoy competing in architectural design competitions like Skills Canada. I also love playing volleyball and ultimate frisbee in the summer, and going skiing and skating during the winter. I love to travel and learn about the rest of the world outside of Canada. I one day hope to become a mechatronics engineer and work for a company who's goal is to improve the lives of others and the world. My project was inspired by a friendly coding competition that sparked my curiosity. For anyone who is looking for inspiration they need only look at the world around them and ask the question "Why?".

Alex Pavlik

War Games: A Statistical Analysis of the Card Game ‘War’
Region:Simcoe County
City:Barrie, ON
School:Barrie North Collegiate Institute
Abstract:This project studies the children's card game called "War". Using a self-written computer program this study analyzes the probabilities around how long games last. This research discovers previously unidentified patterns. The method used in this research is a perfect demonstrations of the processes used by professional researchers.