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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Benjamin - Hi, my name is Benjamin Jud, I am from Innisfail Alberta and I go to Innisfail Jr. Sr. High School. This year is my fourth time going to CWSF. I spend my free time and weekends by working part-time or relaxing (Which doesn't happen too often) or I am working as a Hockey Alberta official. I speak fluent German and love to travel. In the fall of 2019, I will be attending UVic taking a Bachelor of Commerce. Both my project partner and I love to investigate and get "hands on" with our science projects and this certainly fit the case. In the future we, of course, would love to continue our project, developing it further using better equipment to collect more accurate data.
Kirk - I am a grade 12 student looking to achieve high academic success and move into the field of Computer Engineering. This will be my fourth time attending the Canada Wide Science Fair. Our project this year centres around the cleanliness of soda fountains, and comparing them to canned and bottled beverages.

Benjamin Jud, Kirk Rieberger

Investigating the Cleanliness of Soda Fountains
Region:Central Alberta Rotary
City:Innisfail, AB
School:Innisfail Junior Senior High School
Abstract:In this project, we sought to identify the cleanliness of several soda fountains through bacterial culturing. We tested traditional and gun style soda fountains. We also tested bottled and canned soda. We found bottled soda contains the most bacteria (in terms of colony forming units) but it is important to recognize a greater quantity of bacteria does not signify a less safe dispenser.