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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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Matthew - My name is Matthew Barbour. I am a grade 7 student from Kings County Academy. I live in Kentville, Nova Scotia. I enjoy jazz band and baking, as well as competing in hockey and soccer. I'm interested in pursuing a career as a math and science teacher. I was interested in choosing this topic for my project, as I find micro biology and bacteria really interesting. I was curious and wanted to discover where bacteria lived in my house. It would be exciting to take the project further and look at the bacteria under a micro scope, to see the different types of bacteria that are living in my household. If I were to tell a student a piece of advice for the science fair, I would suggest they choose a topic they are passionate about. The more you enjoy your topic, the more effort you're willing devote to your project. It has been a fantastic opportunity doing the science fair and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Daniel - Daniel Duke is a 12-year-old Grade 7 student at Kings County Academy in Kentville, N.S. At school his favourite subjects include ELA and science. When not at school, Daniel can be found practicing karate, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and taking his pet dog as a therapist to the local nursing home. In Grade 5, Daniel lived in the UK for six months, traveling extensively in the region. The project inspiration came from watching scientific videos on the Internet which sparked an interest in bacteria. In the future, Daniel would like to swab public places, including restaurants, to test their micro-bacterial counts and learn to identify the cultures. To other students thinking about doing a project, he advises to know the topic well, to not to recite it, but preach it.

Matthew Barbour, Daniel Duke

How Clean Is Your House?
Région:Annapolis Valley
Ville:Kentville , NS, Kentville, NS
École:Kings County Academy
Sommaire:Have you ever wondered where the most bacteria reside in your house? In our project, we explored what the most bacteria ridden areas are and if they’re harmful or not. We used sterile materials and a growth medium to study various bacteria and their locations. We became interested in this topic because bacteria are fascinating and they live on everything in our homes.