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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Anson Exner and the school I attend is Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL). The inspiration for my project was that I wanted to make a real difference in the world and that I could utilize compost to do just that. Now that I have created a working model of my project, the next step I plan on taking is to look into mass production and distribution to consumers. Advise I would give to other students attempting to make an innovation project, would to, firstly, make sure you pick a topic you care about, and secondly come up with something that hasn't been done before. Some activities I partake in are that I currently run a school Book Club, Robotics Club, and take an active part in my school's Student Council. I recently got accepted into the International Baccalaureate program, and am looking to pursue a career in business.

Anson Exner

The Intra-Urban Grow Box
Region:South Fraser
City:Surrey, BC
School:Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning
Abstract:The Intra-Urban Grow Box is a combination of a composter and a greenhouse designed for urban environments. The composter and greenhouse coexist in a near virtuous cycle, both benefiting from having the other in the system. Other compact composters and planters on the market come separately, so combining the two makes usage easier and simpler for consumers as well as boosts the combined efficiency.