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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hello, my name is Tharindu Kottegoda. I am a grade 10 student from Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Winnipeg, Manitoba. My favourite subjects are Math and Science, and have earned several academic awards in these areas. I came first in Manitoba from the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest. I play clarinet, and alto saxophone. I also enjoy volunteering to play piano at senior homes. I am a junior black belt in Karate and also do lifesaving courses in swimming. Economics and politics are hobbies of mine. I’ve managed a stock simulator since 2016, to date it is up 140%. I’ve also read The Intelligent Investor, The Big Short, and Freakonomics. I follow world finance; this was how I found an article examining how Donald Trump’s tweets caused stocks to either soar or crash. My financial instincts told me that I could buy and sell the stocks based on these tweets to make a profit. This project helped me to see the importance of rationality by showing the consequences caused by little mistakes. My advice to future science fair participants is to do a project that you are really passionate about, start early and to record every detail that relates to your research.

Tharindu Kottegoda

Investment in the Digital Age
Region:St. James-Assiniboia
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
Abstract:This project profits from stock price rise and falls caused by influential tweets. First, my computer program filters the tweets. Shares effected by negative tweets crash in value, and are short-sold then later longed when the price rises. Shares effected by positive tweets skyrocket in value and are only longed. The project demonstrates one can profit from market irrationality by being rational.