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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Ashlyn Kuhl. This is my fifth year participating in science fair, and this is my first trip to Canada Wide. I have a love for health science and chemistry, and hope to go into health care as a career. My project this year focuses on how long it takes over the counter painkillers to dissolve in simulated stomach acid. I simulated stomach acid using Muriatic Acid, otherwise known as HCL. This investigation also took into account what individuals took their medication with, such as juice or pop. When I'm not working on science fair, I can be found acting in local productions, working on 4-H, dancing at the studio, working on heritage fair, playing the piano, or playing the ukulele.

Ashlyn Kuhl

Drug Race
City:Desboro, ON
School:Sullivan Community E.S.
Abstract:This investigation examined how quickly twelve commonly used over the counter pain medications dissolved in simulated gastric acid. Gel caps, liquid gels, sugar coated, film coated, and enteric coated medications were placed in simulated gastric acid [Muriatic Acid (HCl) and distilled water]. The results are significant because when new medications are developed, it is important to use the most effective coatings for the intended purpose.